Social commitment

The Bauhaus University assume its commitment to the social needs of growth and development of society, locally, regionally, nationally and internationally, creating connection, openness and spreading of its academic activities, with this achieve the rapprochement to the society and the detection and solution of problems in each area of competition. We have accomplished our responsibility in the training of those members of our community interested in supplementing their knowledge, skills and abilities, we put at the disposal of the community the opportunity for academic enrichment forming a multidisciplinary professional and highly competitive.


Additions to our educational services:

1. – No increase in tuition.
2. – Education for life.
3. – 10 university degree options.
4. – Scholarship.
5. – International Exchange.
6. – Extra subjects.
7. – Customized attention.

Multidisciplinary education without cost in Bauhaus we forming multidisciplinary professional and highly competitive, comprehensive and able to move into complementary areas to their specialties.
So, all members of the Bauhaus community have access without extra cost to study all the subjects of their choice of different university degrees and levels, throughout their academic career.

Discounts on degrees, postgraduate courses and workshops for all members of the Bauhaus community (students, graduates and teachers) we grant discounts from 25% to 50% discount on all degrees, courses, workshops and postgraduate courses.

Return of graduates as a permanent benefit of training and updating, Bauhaus opens its doors to graduates without cost to learning subjects in any desired university degree, in order to be always to the vanguard.

Academic links.
Academic Exchange with

+ “University of Applied Sciences”, Stuttgart, Germany

+ “Nova Scotia College of Art and Design” (NSCAD University),
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

+”Istituto Superiore di Design”, Napoli, Italy.

The Department of University Extension strengthens the community links to the society, implemented support programs and benefits for students and graduates, through the diffusion of their activities with various groups of public and private sectors, as well as with international agencies, through institutional agreements, exhibitions and conferences in order to promote and improve the performance and academic development of their community.


The Bauhaus University has established a system of economic support for those members of your community that has an academic development of excellence and a commitment with the philosophy and the values of their studies and see truncated his professional career.

10 Degree Options

1 .- Development of thesis with supporting professional examination in defense of it.
2.-Development of a textbook with supporting professional examination in defense of work.

3.-Development of multimedia teaching material with supporting professional examination in defense of his work.
4.-Development of a didactic course with supporting professional examination in defense of his work.
5.-Development of a manual of laboratory practice to sustain professional examination in defense of his work.
6 .- Memorial experience with supporting professional examination in defense of it.
7 .-Schooling for minimum average of nine in the career.
8.-Obtaining of the professional degree by masters studies.
9.-Sustainabilty general knowledge examination.
10.-Establishment of a final project of the academic program with support of professional examination.