Bauhaus University is located in the colonial city of Puebla in Mexico, with a privileged climate, the amenities of a modern city, tranquility and security in the province.


I’ll give you a warm welcome to the Bauhaus University, On this page you will find information about our academic programs, objectives, vision and mission, and also find some historical background and the requirements to become part of our community.

Discover the benefits and added values for our students and our alumni, as well as the importance of being a professional multidisciplinary.

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Atte. Arq Maruzka Zamynda Retif Altmann


In 1996, the city of Puebla, Mexico, is founded the Free School of Art and Design Bauhaus (Now Bauhaus University) as a response to existing methodologies in the teaching of design, art and architecture and break the academic stagnation which was submerged these areas. It opened a new space where creativity and freedom flowing without restriction in an environment suitable for the theory and practice together train professionals highly competitive, as happened in 1919 in Bauhaus in Germany.

Since our beginnings, we consolidated as an institution specializing in the areas of design, art, architecture, communication, and the areas that require creativity, with this, we achieved the best teachers and we equip students with an optimal environment and development of a vertical and transverse curriculum to achieve a multidisciplinary training.

Institutional Philosophy

Inspired by the pedagogy of Bauhaus, sustain the values of creative freedom, responsibility and respect within a framework of constructivist teaching, participatory and inclusive process for the formation of creative leaders.

We work with the premise that the university should not only transmit knowledge, but must transform in a critical way and agreed purpose to our social reality to teach build knowledge at their own.

  • MISSION Bauhaus is an interested and committed institution with society, its main purpose is to train and enhance the professional and human development of each individual, giving you the tools to move competitively in their environment of a critical and analytical purposes.
  • VISION be a leading institution, whose name is synonymous with leadership and creative in their important areas of competence.
    • Freedom as an indispensable element in the creative development of each individual, understanding that freedom must be responsible, taking into account that the freedom of one ends where another begins.
    • Respect is very important for us to respect ourselves and respect others.
    • Compromise that each person is fully realized with the assurance that the professional career is more like it. A commitment to always give the best of ourselves.

Knowing that Bauhaus is a university specialized in the areas of art, design, communication and architecture, we designed highly competitive degree courses, with a large job offer.