1 .- How do I apply for enter into the online system? Through our e-mail an adviser will contact you and make you get the necessary requirements.

2 .- What if I have a technical problem with the platform Bauhaus? Our online platform is very easy to follow and use. However, if you have doubts or difficulties with it, we offer technical support online.

3 .- What academic programs are offered in this system? Bauhaus currently has several courses in the area.

4 .- Can I get financial aid or scholarships? Yes, scholarships are available, completing certain requirements.
Please enter the menu and there you will find all scholarship information.

5 .- What happens if I move? No problem. You can continue your studies by taking classes from anywhere in the world, as long as you have access to Internet.

6 .- My online studies will be accepted in the labor market? Yes ,to ensure that our programs provide the skills and labor dominion in the actual market demand, we develop our curriculum based on current job requirements that demand in almost enterprises.

7 .- The programs are offered 100% Online? Yes, in 100% of our curriculum online. This includes registration, book sales, assignments, interaction with other students, counselor feedback, etc.
Graduate students only have to enter the Internet from any place to take classes.

8 .- When and how often should I take online classes? You decide. The days and the hours you choose, as long as you carry out to the activities that your professor programs to you.
You can do this at any time, day or night, the decision is all yours. We will accommodate research within your busy schedule, instead of trying to force your time to study. We will allow to accommodate your studies in your busy schedulle, instead of to try to force your schedule to be able to study.

9 .- How can I start studying? Fill our information form and we will contact you as soon as possible.