Plastic Arts

The graduates in plastic arts has the ability to go into the spaces of visual culture in society, has a wide field of work, since their knowledge allows you to integrate easily into the private sector and government, and can cover areas from teaching, art criticism, creative industry areas and work as an independent creative professional.

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Interior architecture

The graduates in interior architecture, will be able to design indoor and outdoor furniture, sets, gardens and stands, may develop new buildings, renovations, extensions and get to the last detail of the work, as the color, lighting, texture, selection and application of materials and finishes, etc..

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Design and Graphic Communication

The graduates in graphic design and communication is a social communicator that has a graphic language, visual and auditory.
Develops handling of image, text, space, color, movement, sound and interactivity to express, through symbols and images, social messages, artistic and commercial positions to serve the real needs by society.The graduates in graphic design and communication create innovative and different professionals, ready for change management and graphic communication.

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For the professionals, the continuous qualification is vitally important; for that reason in Bauhaus University we offer specialized courses, graduate factories and, chords to the labor and academic demand.

Online Graduated
-Graduated in Educational Abilities
-Graduated in Strategic Marketing
Actual graduates
-Graduated in Comic
-Graduated in Basic Photography
-Graduated in Photo-Nude
-Graduated in Photo-Design
-Graduated in Photo-Picture
-Graduated in Basic Engraving
-Graduated in Silkscreen printing

-Course in Drawing of the Human Figure
-Course in Basic Photography
-Course in Photo-Nude
-Course in Photo-Design Painting
-Course of experimental drawing
-Course of oil picture
-Courses of autocad
-Course of perspective
-Course of lighting components.

-Workshop of drawing of the human figure
-Workshop of Engraving Modeled
-Workshop of silkscreen printing
-Workshop of packing and unpacking
-Workshop of drawing
-Workshop of Sculpture Painting
-Workshop of audio and video edition
-Factory of comic